Monday, October 10, 2016

The Dreaded 1984 set and rubber band issues

One of the things I debated when I divested of a large part of my collection going on 2 years ago was to sell or keep the 1984 baseball set I had.

In 1984, the game company switched rubber band vendors and little did anyone know that the new rubber bands would leak and stain the cards - extremely common. My set was complete with all extra players and had zero RB stains or other blemishes.

But I sold it.

Of course when I decided to do the proverbial re-acquiring of everything I sold, I knew 1984 would be a challenge - or getting a complete set without any stained cards would be the challenge.

The first set I bought from a very nice gamer was priced fairly but had 45 cards with stain issues.

Since then one gamer sent me 2 cards free of charge to knock my bad card inventory to 43. Then I won an auction "blindly" for 8 1984 times -  I knew by the time the seller audited the cards and got back to me someone else most likely would have bought it so I snagged it right away. I was hoping for maybe 12-15 improvement cards but it had only 9. Down to 34.

Just won an auction for a 26 team 1984 set, and it appears that some extra players and traded players are included - and the seller did mention a "few" cards had the rubber band stains. We will see what his definition of a few is but there is a good chance I can make some headway with this near complete set. However, many of the pitchers in this set came with little red dots on the pitchers cards.

I had budgeted a certain $ amount and also said most likely this will be a 2 year project so we will see how this updates when I receive the item.

Fingers crossed.

... update, purchases yet another full set for a reasonable price and FINALLY have a set free of rubber band stains and no red dots.

Just as good, I have been able to sell basically all the duplicate teams to cover my investments.

Very, very relieved.

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