Thursday, January 28, 2016

Draft day trickery

So I am doing an online retro baseball draft for the 1971 season and it reminded me of something

In 6th grade, we were choosing softball teams and there were 3 captains and if got to be near the end of the draft and one team was complete and another team had just one slot left but I still had 5-6 slots open. I believe we had to bid for players and I spent a huge amount for Paul Skinner, who I believed was most likely the best player in the draft, until Mr. Melrose added himself as the last available player.

I induced the other captain to trade one mediocre player to me for 2 very good players of mine. He thought he swindled me until it was realized I would automatically get Mr. Melrose for "free" with no bidding as both of the other rosters were now full.

I was told the faculty lounge got a big kick out of my trickery.

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